At Mona, we're committed to pushing the digital creation landscape. Today, we're excited to announce our partnership with stability.ai, a pioneer in generative AI technology, for our current 3D Object Buildathon!

Stability AI is the leading open source generative AI company delivering breakthrough, open-access AI models with minimal resource requirements in imaging, video, language, code, 3D and audio. This integration will provide our buildathon participants with tools to supplement their 3D creation builds!

stability ai

Exclusive Opportunity Awaits the Winners!

In each of our Buildathon categories, the winners will now receive not just accolades and a share of our $10K prize pool but also an annual Stability AI membership to commercially use Stability AI’s core models. This is another way for any 3D artist looking to elevate their toolset to new heights.

Winners will gain an exclusive annual Stability AI membership, unlocking advanced features and commercial usage rights to Stability AI’s innovative models – a game-changer for any aspiring or professional 3D artist.

Haven't Joined Yet? There's More to Explore...

With the deadline approaching on March 3rd, now is the perfect time to join our Buildathon and leverage the transformative power of Stability AI's technology.

If you're still on the fence about joining our Buildathon, consider the doors this partnership could open. Picture harnessing the power of Stability AI's tools, amplifying your creative potential, and bringing your boldest 3D visions to life.

Remember, the Buildathon is more than a contest. It's a community coming together to create, learn, and push the boundaries of 3D art. And now, with Stability AI on board, the journey promises to be even more rewarding in the creating and learning process.

This Buildathon isn't just a contest; it's a hub for networking, learning from industry leaders, and collaborating with fellow creatives passionate about 3D art.

Become an Insider for the 3D Object Buildathon and get access to feedback workshop on optimization, hosted by our talented in-house builder Matt.

Join us on this creative journey where innovation and imagination collide. Be a part of the Mona 3D Object Buildathon and leave your mark in the ever-evolving world of digital art.

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