Mona's $10k 3D Object Buildathon erupted in a dazzling display of skill and imagination, pushing creators to new heights within tight polycount limits. The results? Absolutely breathtaking! We're thrilled to celebrate the extraordinary talent that has emerged, proving that when it comes to creativity, our community knows no bounds. Let's hear it for the masterpieces that have truly set the bar!

Champions of Community Engagement

At the core of our buildathon beats the pulse of our vibrant community - the builders of the open metaverse. With immense excitement and pride, we roll out the red carpet for our community champions! These creators, with their exceptional involvement and imaginative creations, have not only raised the bar but have also sparked a wave of inspiration and drive among their peers. Join us in celebrating these luminaries who are sculpting the future of our digital universe!

The Moody - generosity in offering guidance and support to fellow contestants. Also always positive encouragement
Unagi Poke - shared progress of Poke-chan’s sweet shop. We got to see the evolution of the commemorative cupcakes
For sharing their progress on creating the Alien Hiberation Pod
Check out more of Auslander's 1930 Diesel Punk Collection
Sam has created over 100 pieces for the buildathon!

Each of these individuals has showcased remarkable talent, dedication, and the spirit of collaboration, embodying the very essence of our company's goal to build an open and inclusive metaverse.

Spotlight on the Furniture/Props Category

Furniture and prop objects significantly influence both the functionality and aesthetics of any space. We tasked our builders to create their vision of this!

Honorable Mentions: GabrielisOnline & st0ksi

Notable Winner: Auslander

Top Winner: Unagi Poke

Grand Prize: Sam Pyrtuh

Highlights from Modular Objects Category

This category tasked our builders to blend flexibility with creativity, producing elements that can be seamlessly modified to fit a range of design scenarios.

Honorable Mentions: Sam Pyrtuh & durman

Notable Winner: Lost Crow Games

Top Winner: Jael137

Grand Prize: The_Moody

Celebrating Success in Center Pieces Category

These show-stoppers are the embodiment of bold creativity and design prowess, much like an artful chandelier or an eye-catching sculpture that anchors a room.

Honorable Mentions: Vega VXGX & DFW

Notable Winner: OgiWorlds

Top Winner: Luca Bacilieri

Grand Prize: Faraz Mobin

Again, let us give a cheer to these winners of Mona's first buildathon of 2024! Congratulations again builders!

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