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Mona is the medium of the metaverse. Create, collect, and explore together across an infinite network of immersive experiences, all through your web browser.

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Why build on Mona?

Mona's mission is to empower people around the world to create, collect, and share the highest quality immersive experiences on the blockchain, growing the Open Metaverse. Mona is the ultimate platform for for fully custom interactive worlds that provides creators with open tooling and infrastructure to freely launch high quality experiences in the metaverse.
Mona offers the highest quality multiplayer experience available in a web browser, the first metaverse-dedicated marketplace, and the greatest metaverse builder community in the world.

Build a metaverse world in 3 steps

Mona is free to use for builders or explorers, so dive in and learn more through our tutorials.

1. Imagine & Create 3D Assets

Draw inspiration from anywhere and use your favorite 3D modeling tools like Blender, Rhino, or Maya to make assets for your world.

Caelestia The Lost Fields Mona Space by Archimicia

2. Assemble in Unity

Using the Mona SDK, you can add assets and add advanced game mechanics to your world using Mona’s easy-to-use builder tooling.

Temple Garden Mona Space by Jonny Ostrem

3. Publish and share

Publish your space to explore with hundreds of others, or mint to sell your world on the blockchain to a community or collector.

The Row Mona Space by Everyrealm

Here’s all you need to get started building.

Get Started Documentation

Get the full overview of Mona, how to build,  create avatars, virtual worlds and step by step instructions to get started.

Resources, guides and tools can be found here as well.

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Mona Metaverse Get Started Documentation

Mona Building Tutorials

Follow alongside our building tutorial videos on YouTube.

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Mona Metaverse Get Started Documentation

Join our Discord Community

Hop into our Discord to connect with other builders or share what you’re working on.

Have questions? Our Builder Support team can support you!

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The Bar Mona Space by XCOPY

Explore Builds

Need inspiration? Check out what other Mona builders have created

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Dawn Mona Space by Andres Reisinger

Build-a-thons & Build Challenges

Participate in Build-a-thons and Build Challenges hosted by Mona. It is a great way to start building, connect with the community and a chance to win prizes.

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Temple Garden Mona Space by Jonny Ostrem


Participate in Build-a-thons and Build Challenges hosted by Mona. It is a great way to start building, connect with the community and a chance to win prizes.

Mona Get Started Documentation Metaverse FAQs

Hear from the best builders.

NFT/Crypto Artist Coldie

“Mona is better than the Guggenheim”


Digital Artist and Collector, Metageist aka Lee Mason

“Mona has reignited my creativity”


Marcomatic, World Buidler, VR/AR Artist, Animator

“Mona is redefining what an NFT space can be.”


Start Building

Check out our resources below to learn how you can get started building on Mona.
For any questions or further support, reach out to our Builder Support team by joining our discord community.