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Your World, Upgraded.

by Mona Team in Announcements

Today we are implementing our biggest upgrade ever to the Mona Unity SDK that we first launched in 2021. We pioneered the standard for immersive experiences accessible through the web browser, and now, Mona truly allows developers to create and monetize any experience in any direction. Starting today, you can...

Create the future of experience.

by Mona Team in Announcements

New identity, new website, more social. Mona began as a small team of creators, building towards the future experience. Over the last year, Mona has unleashed creatives into the immersive web leveraging web3 technology. We are proud to announce several changes that will be unveiled in the months ahead, starting...

Video Live Streaming is now available inside of Mona

by Mona Team in Announcements

The moment you’ve been waiting for is finally here: You can now entertain your friends with movies or concerts, watch sports together and cheer on your team, or learn new things like how to build Mona spaces all while inside of Mona spaces. This feature is easy to watch...

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