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In a groundbreaking collaboration that pushes the boundaries of digital innovation and artistic expression, Tom Sachs and Monaverse have unveiled the "Final Frontier," An immersive digital galaxy that redefines the possibilities of virtual space. Central to this visionary endeavor is Mona Create, a web-based application engineered to democratize the creation of 3D virtual environments. This partnership not only marks a significant milestone at the intersection of art and spatial computing but also showcases the transformative power of Mona Create in sculpting the fabric of this digital galaxy.

The Genesis of the Final Frontier.

On January 29, 2024, Tom Sachs welcomed creators to mint their own space station, apartments and planets. This opportunity was first extended exclusively to holders of Mars Rocks from Tom Sachs Rocket Factory (TSRF) and Rocket Factory ID holders from NFT NYC 2023. Embedded within the art-centric Monaverse immersive world, the Final Frontier features 1,000 planets and 5,666 handmade apartments, all made accessible through the innovative capabilities of Mona Create.

Tom Sachs, celebrated for his extensive work in both physical and digital art, shared his vision in an interview with nft now: “The Metaverse is real; it’s just another dimension of reality. In this new dimension, we make the galaxy, not the way it is but the way we want it to be. We form our universe and our community to our desires, ambitions, and, ultimately, our pursuit and acceptance of the sublime. Behold… The Final Frontier.”

Mona Create: The Catalyst for Creation

Tom Sachs Rocket Factory is built atop Mona Create, an intuitive platform for users to customize and personalize digital immersive worlds. Mona Create’s role in the Final Frontier project underscores the application's versatility and its commitment to lowering the entry barrier for technical execution in the metaverse.

With Mona Create, users can effortlessly integrate 3D assets—scaling, moving, or rotating them—to forge cohesive virtual ecosystems. This seamless process, coupled with the application's support for a wide range of file types, including .gltf, .glb, .vox, and Unity's asset Bundles, ensures that creators can bring their visions to life without compromise.

Building the Foundation with Mona Create

At the heart of the Final Frontier's launch lies the powerful features of Mona Create. This includes the ability to import free 3D objects into an expansive asset library and purchase unique items through the Mona Marketplace. Such integration enables a holistic creative process, encouraging the exploration and design of vast and varied digital landscapes.


The collaboration between Tom Sachs and Monaverse, realized through the lens of Mona Create, is a testament to the boundless potential of creative synergy in immersive digital worlds. The Final Frontier is not merely a collection of digital spaces but an invitation for artists, developers, and dreamers to imagine and construct their universes. As we venture into this new digital frontier, Mona Create empowers creators with the tools to shape virtual worlds today.

In this Final Frontier, Monaverse and Tom Sachs together chart a course towards uncharted territories of imagination and creativity. Join us on this journey through the Final Frontier, where the possibilities are as limitless as the universe itself.

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