This past year has been monumental for Mona. Growing to a team of 20+ strong, we have accomplished so many incredible things, but none of it would be possible without YOU! We want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for standing by us and building with us in 2023.


Footage from across the globe. 2023 was one to remember.

Let's take a look at all we did in 2023:

We kicked off the year by launching our Brand re-design with the help of the incredible Adam Ho.

In January, we launched Visual Scripting on our SDK bringing immersive experiences to life.

We travelled to NFT Paris in February, meeting some incredible people in the community.

We also hosted an Emote challenge in February, bringing new community-created emotes to Mona.

This month we also launched our Grants Program [ALPHA] awarding almost $20k to creators in our community.

On March 9th, we were featured at the Grand Opening of Beeple Studios in Charleston, South Carolina.

On March 10th, we launched a token-gated luxury fashion space with Amber Park's PLAY! POP! GO!.

PLAY! POP! GO! Collaborates With Monaverse to offer Exclusive Gallery Experience
Luxury fashion brand PLAY! POP! GO! has partnered with 3D world-building platform Monaverse to launch its first collection, PLAY3 PARK!

In celebration of March Madness, we hosted our first ever Mona Madness competition in-world utilizing Visual Scripting.

Partnering with CyberBrokers, we made a splash at NFT NYC!

In April, we also launched Moonbirds World with PROOF bringing these birdies to life in the Monaverse.

In May, we released Spatial Audio inside of Mona spaces, making every experience more immersive.

In June, we turned 2 years old!

August brought the launch of Global Hangouts on our platform & the ability to create deeper connection on Mona with friends.

On August 18th, we launched our first-ever racing competition in Mona with the MSS Raceway, build by Mona Grantee, NobodyInParticular.

In August, we also launched Mona Capture through our SDK, allowing creators to better capture their builds.

In September, we participated in the Encode Open Data Hackathon to host a Visual Scripting Workshop & put up a bounty of $2.5k.

In September, we also attended ArtBlocks weekend in Marfa, launching a brand new immersive game experience featuring iconic Marfa landmarks.

We partnered with RSTLSS to launch the RSTLSS Rave with Claire Silver and a 24 hour Eggstravaganza egg hunt in-world.

On September 15th, we also launched Double Trouble with Tangpoko, an interoperable party across Decentraland & Monaverse featuring the new Mona Dollhouse for DCL Babydolls.

October featured a month-long Halloween activation with several partners including CyberBrokers, RSTLSS, Tangpoko, Aavegotchi, & Broadside.

In October, we also launched the Mona Match Fund with Artizen, where 12ETH is still up for grabs. Learn more here.

In November, we hosted a week-long Virtual LabWeek with Protocol Labs featuring a PL-style Monatorium.

In December, we made an appearance at Miami Art Week & have been gearing up for some very exciting launches in the new year.

All of these incredible things truly could not be accomplished without our incredible supporters and community. Cheers to 2024 and many more years of building the Open Metaverse, together ❤️

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