Meet the Judges: The Visionaries Behind Our 3D Object Buildathon

As we embark on the exciting journey of our 3D Object Buildathon, it's our great pleasure to introduce you to the panel of judges. These individuals are not just experts in their fields; they are builders who have helped define the boundaries of 3D design, digital art, and game development. With a keen eye for creativity, a deep understanding of technical finesse, and a passion for innovation, they are perfectly poised to evaluate and appreciate the unique talents that you, our participants, will bring to this event.

Let's meet the minds who will be guiding us through this journey of artistic and technical exploration!

Introducing Alejandro Azcona: A Veteran Game Developer with a Diverse Portfolio

We're excited to introduce Alejandro Azcona, a seasoned game developer with an impressive 24-year career spanning various platforms including PC, console, mobile, web, and VR/MR. Alejandro's versatility as a Creative Director shines through his multifaceted skill set – whether it's coding, crafting 3D assets, or animating characters, he adapts seamlessly to the needs of each project.

Notably, Alejandro has made significant contributions to the world of educational gaming. He's designed innovative visual scripting systems aimed at nurturing creativity in children, with notable work at LEGO and Linden Lab. His commitment to making games accessible is evident in his design approach, ensuring that his projects are enjoyable and engaging for all users.

Alejandro's broad expertise and dedication to inclusive game design make him a valuable asset to any project, and we're thrilled to have him share his insights and experiences with us.

Introducing Ryan Green: BAFTA Winner and Pioneering Game Designer

We are honored to have Ryan Green, a BAFTA-winning video game designer, generative artist, and coder, as a judge for our 3D Object Buildathon. Ryan's influential work has been recognized in esteemed publications including WIRED, The New York Times, The New Yorker, The Guardian, and The LA Times, and has been featured on the Radio Lab program.

Ryan's directorial ventures in gaming have gained international acclaim, showcased at prestigious festivals like the Venice Film Festival, Cannes XR Festival, and Tribeca Film Festival. He has shared his insights on meaningful game design at global conferences such as the Game Developers Conference, TEDMED, PopTech, SXSW, and the Seoul Digital Forum. His academic contributions include lecturing at Johns Hopkins University.

One of Ryan's most notable works is "That Dragon, Cancer," a deeply personal game about his son Joel's battle with terminal brain cancer. This game was not only a tribute to Joel's life but also received widespread recognition, including The Game Award for Impact, a BAFTA for Innovation, and an SXSW award for cultural impact. Ryan's journey was also captured in the Emmy-awarded documentary "Thank You For Playing."

As a talented generative artist, Ryan has released various code-based animated and abstract art collections on

Currently, Ryan brings his expertise to Mona as a Senior Programmer, contributing to the development of the open metaverse.

Introducing Nick - "Scuube": Architect of Virtual Realms

We're excited to introduce you to Nick, fondly known in the digital world as Scuube. Scuube is a maestro in crafting stunning virtual experiences, with a specialization in architectural design, 3D visualization, and interaction. Since 2023, he's been a pivotal builder at Mona, transforming the aspirations and visions of diverse communities and brands into vibrant, immersive virtual environments.

Before diving into the virtual domain, Scuube honed his skills in the physical world as an architectural designer for esteemed studios in the Netherlands. His transition from tangible architecture to virtual world-building showcases his versatile talent and innovative spirit.

Get ready to be inspired by Scuube's unique blend of real-world expertise and digital creativity!

Introducing TheMattEmpire: The Multifaceted Maestro in Design

Let's welcome TheMattEmpire, a versatile and dynamic force in the world of design. A true Jack of all trades, his expertise spans across graphic design, web development, toy creation, game design, and previsualization, to name just a few. For over two years, he has been a cornerstone in the Mona ecosystem, offering invaluable support and creating a wealth of documentation and video tutorials for the Mona platform.

TheMattEmpire's journey is marked by an insatiable curiosity and a passion for continuous learning. This drive, however, comes with a humorous twist – his personal projects often remain unfinished as he eagerly jumps to explore new knowledge or revisits old skills, a testament to his ever-evolving creative spirit.

Brace yourselves to be captivated by his variety of skills and his unique approach to design and creativity!

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