Mona has entered the world of hackathons! We’re giving developers the opportunity to unleash their creativity to build incredible tooling and features that help enhance and improve the Mona ecosystem.

This year, we've participated in ETHGlobal NYC and Encode's Open Data Hack powered by Filecoin. This is just the beginning... stay tuned for our participation in future hackathons in 2024.

See the winners of our ETHGlobal & Encode Hackathon sponsorships:


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  1. MonaGator is a prototype of token gate Mona avatars. This example uses the awesome Nouns VRMs, but this tech would allow users to link Mona avatars to their owned NFTs across any EVM chain! —by Jasper Degens
  2. WalletHub is a wallet visualizer that allows the visualization of on-chain data in a fun, interactive way, stay immersed with our 3D UI and stay tuned with our desktop and mobile push notifications. —by Eduardo Davalos, Juan Palomino, Erik Faz
  3. MonaPaper brings Monaverse spaces to your Android and macOS home screens with daily featured spaces that can be turned into live wallpapers. —by Arnav Gupta

Encode's Open Data Hack powered by Filecoin

Open Data Hack powered by Filecoin — Encode Club
  1. World Tree offers a new “world map” of Mona spaces for users to explore and identify with their friends. — by Johnny Ostrem
  2. MONA-Aid utilizes OpenAi as a chatbot to ask features about the 3D model of a space, i.e. houses. — by Gundeep S Bhamra
  3. Web Server is a prototype of two Mona scenes passing information to each other via a web server. — Prateek Singh
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