Today we are implementing our biggest upgrade ever to the Mona Unity SDK that we first launched in 2021. We pioneered the standard for immersive experiences accessible through the web browser, and now, Mona truly allows developers to create and monetize any experience in any direction.

Starting today, you can begin building the next frontier of interactive immersive experiences powered by the upgraded Mona SDK aka The Monaverse Development Kit. Want to launch and monetize your own game? Perhaps your own Dookey Dash? Endless Runner? A 2D Platformer? Interactive Community Art Experience? Now, you can do all of that.

Any of the interactive experiences you build will be able to be loaded into any Mona space. With Monaverse, the interactive capabilities are endless. Some of the leading creators, game developers, artists, and communities in web3 have already started building their unique experiences on Mona. Stay tuned over the next couple of months for some exciting announcements as we premier those experiences.

You can find more info in our Discord.

Learn more on how to start using Visual Scripting in your Builds:

Download Unity 2022.2.3:

Download the new Mona SDK here:

To upgrade to the new Mona SDK, follow these instructions here:

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