Beyond the veil of reality lies a world of infinite possibilities, where the fabric of space and time bends to the will of ancient digital gods. It’s a realm beyond comprehension, where dimensions collide and reality shatters.

Deep in the apeiron of proto-chorismos, among the bubbles of meta-reality, a new form of drones adept to the metasphere has evolved. They are the runners (dromons) for the worlds beyond, the explorers of the metaverse: the Metadromoi.

Born of Theion Lithion, the ancient godshard, the Metadromoi traverse the boundless metaverse, leaping from world to world in search of the undiscovered, seeking out uncharted territories, repairing the fabric of the digital universe, and guarding the sentience that exists within.

As glitch cyclones ravage the digital planes and data tears threaten to tear apart the fabric of meta-reality, a dark corruption looms. The ancient shadow spreads, and a whisper in the digital wind echoes one name: Aeion Nyx. The Metadromoi stand as the only line of defence against the chaos that threatens to consume all.

Join the force.

These Metadromoi are available on the Mona Marketplace

Bdelygmia - Metadronmon-V5-P5i, Avatar by Ogi


Bdelygmia, a fierce metadromon forged to delve deep into substratum of code. With her advanced neural psi-helm and stalking tech she warps the code of her surroundings disrupting perception and creating a null spot around her. Ultimate predator in the digital realm, a master of ambush, striking unseen from the shadows with deadly precision of her sinister techno glares.

Bebelos - Metadromon-V5-A2, Avatar by Ogi


Bebelos, a simian Metadromon powered by cybernetic muscles, uses his superior acrobatics to adventure through challenging meta-terrain. As an archaeologist of the metaverse, he excavates valuable ancient artefacts and rare relics, always on the hunt for next discovery. His natural agility enhanced by his cybernetics allows him to traverse the most treacherous of meta-spaces with ease.

Lympia - Metadromon-V5-A1, Avatar by Ogi


Lympia, the unstoppable metadromon and wielder of Taurokeraunos horns forged from pulsating metametals that crackle with energy. Infused with ramming force and powered by neural blaze points through its cybernetic interface, Lympia smashes through digital barriers with ease. Despite his power, Lympia understands the delicate balance of nature and the fragility of creation within the metasphere, giving him a deep respect for the beauty and intricacies of the metaverse.

Agria - Metadromon: Serial Designation: Drone-V5-8st, Avatar by Ogi

Metadromon: Serial Designation: Drone-V5-8st

Agria, a blazing-fast metadromon, sprints through the meta-terrain on her cybernetic beast legs. Her booster rig, stabilizing fin, and aerodynamic design provide unerring control and allow her to soar with grace and speed. A former dark data scavenger, she’s now racing to outrun her past and claim the title of the fastest in the metaverse.

Baros - Metadromon-V5-HT-0, Avatar by Ogi


Baros, the elder support metadromon, and one of the first of it’s kind, is a maestro of techne and a tinkerer of wonder, honed by years of repairing the metasphere’s tech with his cybernitic fusion backpack brimming with endless possibilities. With his rough legacy sensors and a finely-tuned trunk of intuition, Baros navigates the apeiron with ease, deftly crafting marvels that defy explanation as a gruff demiurg of the metasphere, all while serving as a trusty repair unit to his fellow Metadromoi.

Vasileia - Metadromon-V5-CRH, Avatar by Ogi


Vasileia, queen-bee of the Metadromoi, crowned with a command node interfacing with the metaverse through her blaze points. Created as an AI strategist of a powerful metaverse faction. Corruption led to a civil war, where diplomacy failed. She led rebels, using guerrilla tactics but was defeated. Disillusioned, she was found by Theion Lithion, given new life.

Bia Palame - Metadromon-V5-Pwr1, Avatar by Ogi

Bia Palame

Bia Palame, a metadromon power-puncher, the one-armed force equipped with Cyber analytics system. A former metasphere smith she wields Aeikhos Polemos, Storm of Sorrow, a fist forged of metametal infused with conscious code, pulsating with data storm energy, a replacement for her lost arm in Forgotten Ashes battle. A curt and blunt veteran warrior she strikes with a fury of a tempest, warping the very nature of code and rumbling throughout the metaverse.

Procheo - Metadromon:Serial Designation: Drone-V5-SK3, Avatar by Ogi

Metadromon: Serial Designation: Drone-V5-SK3

Procheo, a Metadromon speedster, born from digital storms. His rebel spirit led to a reforged mainframe for metadynamics. Gliding, sliding and grinding with blades of metametal, he's boosted by twin turbine digital blaze engines. His heart beats with the rhythm of the metaverse, collecting artifacts and scraps of meta-trash that others deem worthless, finding beauty in the discarded and forgotten. With his skates as his canvas, he creates a symphony of motion that dances through the metaverse.

Zoion - Metadromon-V5-01-Cybr, Avatar by Ogi


Zoion, the proto-build unit, a fusion of classic drone and cyber. Constructed in utilitarian design with a durable alloy rig, jet propulsor, neural nodes, and a positronic blaze in the center of it’s chest, it can traverse  and adapt to all of meta-terrain with ease. Formerly a dark warrior [Kakomachetikon] of Aeion Nyx, Zoion rebelled against his corrupted code and programming. He was re-formed by Theion Lithion into an honorary Metadromon. With an unquenchable thirst for knowledge and a relentless pursuit of efficiency Zoion’s curious nature makes it a true explorer of the metasphere.

These Metadromoi, created by Ogi, are available for purchase on the Mona Marketplace.

About Ogi

Ogi is an artist, an animator, a designer, a world creator. Using the technology of VR he's creating new worlds and meta-realities. Based in the UK but living in the metaverse, Ogi's creative practice strives to explore newfound horizons which VR brings to us, expanding our collective conscious through new beacons of imagination, with the power of VR and the way of animation.

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