Happy Holidays from the Mona Team ❤️ ❄️

Looking back on 2022, we could not be more grateful for the incredible Mona community that has cultivated over the past year. We wish you a wonderful holiday season and look forward to what 2023 will bring! 💪

Thank you for submitting to our $2.5K Livestream Challenge with Livepeer 📺

Thank you to everyone who submitted. Your creativity is always so inspiring to us!

Shoutout to our winners: @JustFEMI, @XicoMan_, @PIXEL HUSTLER , @Hazel, and Mindropx!

The Mona Advent Calendar last day! 🎁

Thank you so much to everyone who participated in our Advent Calendar this year. We had so much fun and hope you did too!

Stay tuned tomorrow between 1-2pm ET for our last Advent Calendar claim period and the announcement of our grand prize raffle winners on Twitter.

Don’t forget to submit your VRM Avatar to drop on the Mona Marketplace 👽

You can now upload your custom VRM Avatar on the marketplace to mint, sell & use.

We’ve updated our specs for uploading and minting your VRMs here:  https://docs.monaverse.com/avatars/creating-vrm-avatars/getting-started-with-vrm

If you submitted to our VRM Challenge, or have created a new VRM, submit them for QA below:

Lets catch up in the new year during Mona Mondays on 1/2/23 🎉

Join us in the new year for our first Mona Mondays! We will catch up & share visions for the evolution of the metaverse in 2023.

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