2022 was an outstanding year for the Metaverse, and the Mona community. With thousands of environments created, which help incredible events and activities throughout 2022, we asked out community to submit their favorite memories from 2022.

We were also able to give out a substantial amount of prize money, which helped to further incentivize and reward the creativity and hard work of our community members. Additionally, we saw many new and innovative ideas emerge, and it was inspiring to see the community come together to build incredible spaces, portals, hubs, sculptures and spaces for livestreaming and jump courses.

This year, we also saw a lot of growth in terms of users and engagement and we are excited to continue to build on this momentum in 2023. We are confident that the coming year will be even more successful and we look forward to seeing what the community will come up with next.

Metaverse Memories from @scuube

Gateway Ensemble Mona Space created by Scuube
I don't make enough screenshots! 😭 But this one was mind blowing 😂🙂🙃 w/ J Miller and @MattHoerl - @Scuube

Metaverse Memories from @memory_888

e0in|Maze Mona Space created by e0in
So many - One of the earliest I can find is @E_0_I_N throwing a scavenger hunt in this massive space. I think @v_x_g_x_ found the golden eggs? And ofc, had to climb that summit...

Metaverse Memories from @SethPaint

Temple Garden Mona Space created by Memory
Temple Garden Mona Space created by Memory
Bad quality on the photos but being shown the secret spots of Temple Garden by
@memory_888 and company was on the top of my #MetaverseMemories

Definitely gotta reconnect soon!

Metaverse Memories from @Rizzle

Party inside the Mona Advent Calendar Space.
i feel like cc0 @cryptoavatarsio asparagoose party in @monaverse advent calendar was peak weirdness until @memory_888 modified their slugs into giant and/or glitchy versions for the finale

s/o @hubbersnaks @ballisticb for being early asparagoose converts + guest 3 for lurking.

Metaverse Memories from @ballisticb

Voxel Architects Snow Globe Mona Space created by Voxel Architects for the Mona Advent Calendar.
Mona Advent Calendar Space w/ CryptoMotors
HAHA them Asparageese where legendary weirdness, loved the glitch slugs.

Metaverse Memories from @J.J. Weinberg

Hosting the WIP meetup in the Fromoville Mona Space created by J.J. Weinberg
Hosting @theWIPmeetup and having so many people gather from @Rizzle and @niftytime's community at the Live Stream Energy Commission Amphitheater in http://fromoville.com was also incredible!
Being able to celebrate #BobRoss on what would be his 80th Birthday in Fromoville was really special for everyone involved in Happy Little Hairdos @BobRossParody
Most important of all was being able to make a memorial for my best friend Frances. We had to say goodbye on 1/24/22 after 14 magical years. She's the first dog buried in the digital dust of the metaverse thanks to @mona

Metaverse Memories from @ZCreativeMedia

Congrats to ZCreativeMedia for selling his first Mona space!
My favorite #MetaverseMemories from 2022 is dropping and selling my first @monaverse space! Thanks to @Planet_Wearth for collecting!

Metaverse Memories from @Olgaforce3D

Bluedrop Mona space created by Archimicia
Stepping into Archimicia's Bluedrop Monoverse build for the first time....#MetaverseMemories

Metaverse Memories from @Archimicia

Caelestia: The lost fields Mona Space created by Archimicia
MoMaverse Mona Space created by Archimicia
MoMaverse Mona Space created by Archimicia
Quick resume of my work in mona_2022 😊

Metaverse Memories from @Valuk_12

Fracti Regnum Mona Space created by Yoiki
#MetaverseMemories my favorite moment. When @voltz_me jumped in Monaverse first time 😭 It was so DOPE

Metaverse Memories from @HazelGriffiths8

Slug party in Mona Advent Calendar Space
The epic slug party that turned psychedelic 💫🥳
ReachXR x NeoTokyoCode Space on Mona
And of course our very first Mona build! @UnrealApe@ReachXR

Metaverse Memories from @_JustFEMI

_JustFEMI's selfie in his AAFIN Mona Space
_JustFEMI adds a bit of his childhood in his space
Favourite Metaverse memory in the Monaverse this year. Adding a bit of my childhood to my space. #MetaverseMemories

Metaverse Memories from @gebirgshang

VRM Avatars walking down the Neon Catwalk
Neon Catwalk space created by gebirgshang
Mona VRM Avatar Awards contestants on the Neon Catwalk
Mona VRM Avatar Awards 2022
the most fantastic memory of 2022 in neon catwalk stage with everyone participated in VRM Awards 💎🔥🔥

@justinmmelillo @MattHoerl @scuube @paradoxx @Fractilians7 @memory_888 @Argent2109 @neonglitch86 #MetaverseMemories

Metaverse Memories from @catherinethwrst

Mona VRM Avatar Awards
VRM awards- feeling safe w @Olgaforce3D 💕

Metaverse Memories from @iamckbubbles

Fun inside the Mona Advent Calendar event
There are so many! I'll never forget our first night in Mona w friends and how much we laughed that we were crying. Was so cool to be wowed over and over at each new place. But top HAS to be the last day of @NFTland@Fractilians7 Advent Calendar getting hacked, changed the game!

Metaverse Memories from @Gart3_eth

WIP Mona Space by Gart3_eth
This is still a WIP 🚧 but it will be finished by 2023 🛥🛥
Happy holidays Mona fam 🎄🎁

Metaverse Memories from @Famsoldier21

Andromeda Arena Mona Space by Faraz Mobin
That one time I dj’d was epic 💀

Metaverse Memories from @iraxlab

IRA x LAB & mrmoe in the FONDATION M Mona space created by oij
IRA x LAB & mrmoe in the Andromeda Arena 
Exploring Monaverse with @ItsMrMoe

Memories from the Mona Team

Slug VRM Avatars take over the Mona Advent Calendar
Sluggin' - Justin Singh
Front row of Mona's first VRM Fashion Show
Justin Melillo spotted in the front row of the first VRM fashion show - Matt Hoerl
Mona Metaverse Tours
One of my first Monaverse tours 🗺️ - Kenneth
Mushroom VRM Avatars take over Mona Advent Calendar
Mushroom party was also a banger - Rizzle
Team painting on Mona
Painting was very cool - Sierra

We look forward to seeing what the community will come up with next in 2023!

❤️ Mona

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