Dive into the world of 3D object creation! This is more than a contest; it’s a journey into the art of bringing your virtual creations into the open metaverse. This is your call to action: Register now and embrace the endless possibilities of 3D design. Whether you’re a seasoned creator with a portfolio itching for a reinvention or a newcomer ready to take the plunge, this is your arena! Ready to transform your ideas, old or new, into 3D realities? Let’s make it happen!

3D Furniture by TheMattEmpire

3 Categories to Ignite Your Imagination

Modular pieces, furniture, and show-stopper pieces! Each category presents a different challenge, inviting you to explore your creativity and test your technical skills. Whether you’re crafting reusable pathways, designing furniture inspired by timeless classics like the Eames lounge chair, or sculpting the next iconic Rodin, this buildathon is where your digital craftsmanship meets the virtual world.

Strategy and Execution

It’s not just about skills; it’s also about community spirit! Join our Discord server, share your journey and get inspired. With our Community Engagement and Progress Share Awards - special recognition for those who actively contribute to and uplift the Mona community. Plus you’ll be surrounded by fellow builders and the stellar Mona team, ready to support your project!

Like Rome, your project won’t be built in a day. We’ll support you through the continuous iteration, innovation, and refinement. Let the community be your sounding board – you’ve got this, and we’re here to back you up!

EARLY BIRD EXCITEMENT - Register by February 9th for a free expert project reviews from out senior game developers!

Let's Gear Up for Success

Unlock your creative flow! Our community-driven interactive learning sessions, exclusive for our registered builders, are designed to elevate your skills, covering topics like:

  • Optimizing Models: Learn the secret to building high-quality, optimized objects.
  • Advanced Texturing Techniques: Master texturing to give your design a professional feel.
  • Effective Game-Ready Objects: Tips for modular thinking and flexible asset design.

These sessions are more than just lessons; they are also a ticket to connect with our vibrant community. You’ll be able to connect, share ideas, and foster relationships with other creators.

The community sessions were a game-changer for me – not only did I learn new skills, but I also made connections that have lasted well beyond the buildathon.
Flow No.2 by Nils Hans

Beyond the Buildathon

Winning our buildathon isn’t just about the cash prize; it’s about unlocking greater opportunities!

Main Category Winners’ Perks:

  • Mentorship Opportunity: Engage in a one-on-one session with one of Mona’s top game developers.
  • Eternal Fame in the Mona Metaverse: Your winning objects will live forever in the Mona metaverse.
  • Blog Spotlight: We’ll showcase your journey and success story on our official blog.
  • Exclusive Showcase: Your winning pieces will be featured in a specially designed virtual room.

This will be a celebration of your journey, your process, and your creativity!

Ready to Dive In?

This is your moment. Aspiring or experienced, our buildathon is a stepping stone to greater achievements in your creative journey. Register now!

Connect with the Community as you Build.

Join our Discord community for support, inspiration, and to connect with fellow creators. Being active has perks, so don’t miss out!

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