Mona just got more interactive. Build interactive maps, NPC dialog systems, or even a game of Battleship — the sky is the limit with the OnInteract & OnLook upgrades to the Mona Reactor system!

These new tools will help unleash your creativity to make your worlds more interactive than ever.

Here’s how it works:

On Interact: Trigger animation using On Interact when the user interacts with an object (collider) using the 'E' key.

On Look / Look Away: trigger an animation when you look at and when you stop looking at an object (collider).

On Interact Warp: trigger a warp volume when you interact with an object (collider) to teleport across your world.

Mona's Reactor Upgrades: On Interact & On Look

For more information on how to use this tool check out the documentation here:

P.S. Update your Mona template inside the Unity editor or download from Github here:

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