Mona traveled to Lisbon, Portugal last month to bring another IRL experience to our online community. Mona is passionate about community, connection, and interaction which drives the vision behind the team’s in-person activations.

About ETHLisbon and LabWeek22

ETHLisbon is an Ethereum-focused hackathon focused on bringing the Web3 community together. Hosted in Lisbon, the crypto-capital of Europe, this conference and the surrounding events it garners help to globally connect builders and shakers in the Web3 space.

In partnership with Protocol Labs, Mona participated in LabWeek22 from October 25th-30th through several activations. The goal of LabWeek22 was to collaborate on a variety of topics, including decentralized storage, public goods funding, cryptoeconomics, DeSci, and more.

Open Metaverse Meetup with Mona Galleries

On October 25th, Mona was featured at Garagem Lisboa for the Open Metaverse Meetup with Mona Galleries with Peregrine, a Web3-focused experiential content team. This activation was housed at the the central hub of LabWeek22, the Filecoin Foundation Hacker Base, which gave attendees a chance to connect and co-work with other builders. Four Mona builders: Fractilians, VXGX, Metageist, and Yultek presented their work and discussed their process of building.

Yultek, one of Mona builders presenting.
Filecoin Foundation Hacker Base

Mona X ETHLisbon: Builders Unite

Mona hosted Mona X ETHLisbon: Builders Unite on October 27th at Time Out Market Studio highlighting the builders and artists from around the world. This one-night celebration of metaverse world builders featured an incredible lineup of Mona builders: MattDoesDesign, Fractilians, VXGX, and Metageist. Each of these talented creators shared more about their work in 3D building.

Other highlights include a stunning virtual art gallery and a live performance bringing together the talents of Metageist and Ty, Events Producer at Mona.

You can watch the builder presentations here.

MattDoesDesign_ presenting at the Mona x ETHLisbon: Builders Unite event; Photo cred: Jasmine Baez
Mona x ETHLisbon: Builders Unite event; Photo cred: Jasmine Baez

IPFS Camp 2022

On October 30th, the Mona team shared more insights at IPFS Camp 2022. Mona builders were featured panelists at the culmination of this 3-day event focused on celebrating and advancing IPFS. Mona uses the InterPlanetary File System for storing and sharing data of Mona creators.

From left to right: Matt Hoerl, TheMattEmpire, Matthew Bradley and Nathalie Nunez; Photo cred: @IPFS on Twitter
From left to right: Matt Hoerl, TheMattEmpire, Matthew Bradley and Nathalie Nunez; Photo cred: @IPFS on Twitter

FIL Lisbon Metaverse Installation

In addition to these events, FIL Lisbon featured an installation of a Community Center in a Mona space created by Mona builder, Yultek, and IRLart. This installation allowed attendees of the conference to dive into a Mona space that housed the art of several incredible artists.

Mona Space Installation by Yultek and IRLart

Wrapping up our time in Portugal

Seeing the Mona community come together in real life is a testament to the power of web3. Builders are at the heart of the Mona community and it is our goal to uplift and share their talents with the world. Our Lisbon experience is colored by the incredible community we brought and connected with along the way.

If you’re interested in connecting with the Mona team IRL, be on the lookout for us at Art Basel Miami 2022. More information to come on those activations we have in the works.

Mona x ETH Lisbon: Builders Unite; Photo cred: Jasmine Baez

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