Multi-disciplinary artist Argent is a metaverse native with a passion for visual narrative. The Spain-based creative uses her background in choreography, set design, and communication to develop immersive art-game experiences that reach out and touch visitors’ hearts. Her style blends cyberpunk, fantasy, and surreal nature together.

Argent’s avatar, Ava, is the pure essence of freedom. They are a multi-character deity of element-based avatars. Ava is wild as the wind – shape and gender seamlessly morphing by the second. We sat down with Argent to learn more about her work.

How does your background in choreography and set design influence your work in the metaverse?

Choreography and dance are about not only how bodies move, but the entire experience including the audience and the environment where the performance takes place. My understanding of choreography and dance allows me to create immersive experiences in the metaverse.

When you dance, you’re connected. You feel the rhythm inside yourself, even if there is no music. You are grounded in your body and the space around you. If you let it out, you can become something bigger than yourself. In the metaverse, I can recreate the sense of connection and rhythm so inherent in dance, blurring the lines between the inner and the outer world.

Tell me about your avatar, Ava.

The project I'm working on is not just a character, but a world that surrounds it and other characters that live in it. The concept of an avatar in Hinduism is tied to deities. The word avatar represents a deity’s incarnation in human form, which seeks to reach the human world. Ava is a multi-character deity with many alters, who are also named Ava. Ava is a world. The variations of Ava represent the spirit’s connections with an element. The first one is the element of air, representing freedom and the ability to change, the queer, the raw, and the gentle.

What is your next project?

My next project is actually older than Ava. I am going to finish “The Garden,” which I designed for the Mona Portal Hub Challenge. It was a big project, and I won second place for it almost a year ago. It’s time to finish what I started.

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