Be a part of the world’s first metaverse short film festival. With an entire film studio at your fingertips through Mona’s SDK and in-world experience imagine what story you could tell. Let’s dive deeper, together.

The Challenge: Create a 2-5min short film in the Monaverse. Open to all. Free to enter. Unlimited potential. Submit individually or team-up with friends.

2 Months to Create: Submission period open July 6 - September 20. Judging will culminate in a multi-day in-world festival September 26-29th to celebrate winners and submissions in a special Cinephile Experience. More info coming soon.

Prizes of $3000 each for:

Mona Short for Sci-fi, Mona Short for Anime, Mona Short for Comedy, Mona Short for Experimental, & Mona New Mona Space Design

For a complete look at rules & how to submit see here:

We know that our community is full of the most incredible builders & storytellers the world has to offer, so to help you reach your full potential, we’re also unlocking…

Mona Shorts Fest: The Workshop Series

This series brings industry leaders & Mona experts to your fingertips leveling -up your in-world film and storytelling skills. This 6 week series follows the duration of the MSF submission period. Each week features a new workshop and mini-challenge to earn prizes of up to $300.

Participation in The Workshop Series is completely optional and doesn’t impact your eligibility to submit to MSF. Join for 1 or all workshops, 1 or all mini challenges.

RSVP for The Workshop Series here:

We are so excited about the innovation and exploration this festival will garner. Thank you for being a part of our community. We can't wait to embark on this new adventure with you. ❤️

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