As artists themselves, the Mona team understands the importance of grants for funding the arts and empowering individuals to pursue the projects that inspire them the most. With this core value in mind, the team set out to create the Mona Grants Program. This Alpha Program’s mission was to catalyze the community’s desire to push the boundaries of creation at Mona. Over the past several months we have been absolutely blown away by the success of this project and its mission.

With almost $20,000 to award in grants and over 140 applicants, it was incredibly difficult for our team to decide on just 10 projects to award funds to. Our first grants cohort consisted of active builders, creators, and innovators directly from our community. We chose these builders for their dedication to the community, experience with the platform, and ability to mobilize their ideas. The result is projects that provide value to the community through a variety of workshops, workflows, tools, and showcase experiences.


We are excited to announce the final showcase for our ten grantees for The Mona Grants Program [Alpha]. This showcase will feature:

Befuddlers - A Surreal Showcase Space

Under The Sea Gallery - An Aquatic Art Gallery

3DVJ - Audio Visual Live Performance Tooling

Shunned Icons - A Iconic VRM Collection

Coralverse - An NFT Gallery Network Built around Ocean Health Awareness

Friends - An NPC System with Template for Interactive Characters

Miller Raceway - An Expansive Virtual Racecourse

VRM PWR- VRM Creation Workshops & Meetups

MonaPets - Adorable AI-Inspired Pet Avatars

El Cafecito - A Talk Show and Livestream for Spanish-Speakers

Join us for The Grants Program [Alpha] Closing Ceremony in The Oasis space, Friday July 21st at 2:30pm ET. The following week, July 24-28th, grantees will host their own timed “Tours” of their projects where you can learn more and see their work exhibited first hand. Tour times will be announced soon.

RSVP here for the closing ceremony:

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