VRM Avatar Collection

Mona launches its new Avatar marketplace and in celebration of this launch, we’ve invited some of our most celebrated creators and crypto artists (many of whom are creating their first 3D artwork) from around the world to participate in this monumental event. Join us for the drop of our first VRM Collection in two parts featuring these incredible artists: Osinachi, NeonGlitch86, Rutger Van Der Tas, Metageist, MLIBTY, Mehak Jain and Tangpoko. Learn more about each Artist & their Avatar.

11 posts

Meet the Metadromoi, Warriors of the Metaverse

by Mona Team in VRM Avatar Collection

Beyond the veil of reality lies a world of infinite possibilities, where the fabric of space and time bends to the will of ancient digital gods. It’s a realm beyond comprehension, where dimensions collide and reality shatters. Deep in the apeiron of proto-chorismos, among the bubbles of meta-reality, a...

Meet the artist behind the avatar, Ava: Argent

by Mona Team in VRM Avatar Collection

Multi-disciplinary artist Argent is a metaverse native with a passion for visual narrative. The Spain-based creative uses her background in choreography, set design, and communication to develop immersive art-game experiences that reach out and touch visitors’ hearts. Her style blends cyberpunk, fantasy, and surreal nature together. Argent’s avatar, Ava,...

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