The first ever monaverse short film festival, Mona Shorts Fest, is in full swing! Each week MSF: The Workshop Series hosts a workshop and corresponding Mini Challenge.

Week 1 brought us some incredible Logline submissions, making the judging process difficult! We are excited to announce our winners:

Grand Prize: Jeff Zavala

"Separated by a catastrophic server malfunction, two evolving AI entities embark on a multiversal odyssey, compelled to transcend their programming, reunite and create a haven of their own."

Top Prize: Vega

"A lowly tech worker finds a secret website that leads to a virtual world, where a golden well can make any wish come true. But when he wishes for everything he's ever wanted, he soon realizes that he's been trading pieces of his soul. As he continues to wish, a wolf begins to hunt him, determined to claim his soul. But a guiding force appears, perhaps giving them a chance to leave."

Honorable Mentions: Ogi & Luis Felipe Ramirez (respectively)

"In the metaverse's vast expanse, a diverse collective of sentient beings converge as the Metadromoi. Tasked with unravelling the enigmatic noir code-murder mystery, they journey through virtual realms, questioning the essence of their own existence. In their quest for answers, they must confront the shadows within their digital souls and redefine the boundaries of sentience."
"A wizard embarks on a pivotal quest using his enchanted hat for teleportation, but a spontaneous butterfly alters the path, catapulting him into a whirlwind of unexpected events that will define his destiny."

Thank you to everyone who sumbitted to the Logline Mini Challenge! Check out the rest of the upcoming Mini Challenges & Workshops here:

More information about Mona Shorts Fest:

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