Dear Mona Community,

Today, we would like to share some news regarding Mona Shorts Fest with our community. In response to the current writers strikes in Hollywood, as creators and platforms work out their differences, we are notifying everyone of Mona Shorts Fest's indefinite postponement.

From its inception, our vision was to honor the exceptional talent and creativity of independent filmmakers and creators. Our aspiration was that, by the event's scheduled date, the negotiations taking place in Hollywood would have reached a conclusion, enabling us to present all the remarkable creations within an environment of unity and cooperation.

Based on the latest updates in the past few days, the results of these negotiations have not reached a conclusion and these dialogues have hit a standstill. Our objective has always been to spotlight storytellers from a wide spectrum of backgrounds. As a creator-first platform, we are dedicated to supporting the equitable compensation and recognition for the hard work, dedication, and creativity that creators pour into their projects.

Built by creators for creators, Mona was founded on the principle of empowerment through expression. Mona Shorts Fest was meant to champion indie filmmaking and the voices that might otherwise go unheard, using the Metaverse as a unique, bleeding edge medium.

While we are disappointed to have to share this news, please know that our commitment to you remains stronger than ever. While we won’t be moving forward with the Mona Shorts Festival at this time, instead builders will have the opportunity to participate in two hackathons that we will be sponsoring in the month of September. Stay tuned in our discord and Twitter for more info in the coming days. We look forward to a day when we can pick up where we left off with the shorts fest and we are excited and hopeful for what’s to come.

To each of you who have been participating in our challenges, begun working on your films,  and eagerly awaited the festival, we extend our gratitude.

Thank you for being part of the Mona community. Let us continue to uplift creators and build the future of the internet together.

With appreciation,
Mona ❤️

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