Cloud Agora
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Cloud Agora
The Cloud Agora is an 1,800sqm 3-tier Gallery with an abundance of wall space throughout to display artwork, as well as ample area for large multidimensional artifact / 3D asset viewing. Your collection of art & artifacts will feel immediately secure in this luxurious, timelessly-designed temple in the sky. Custom design by Archonomous#1409 for the 2021 Filecoin Forum hosted by MoNA.
Collectible Type Space
Contract Address 0x2249b5a319af5dfae7fcc8004a99e59dba285c21
Token ID 5
Token Standard ERC721
Blockchain ethereum
Royalties -
About the Artist
Archonomous is a multi-disciplinary design studio that merges art with technology to create immersive, responsible, and meaningful experiences. We plan and construct worlds that speak for themselves; welcome to our atmosphere.
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1.5 ETH
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