In the diverse universe of digital art, the distinct styles of our featured artists— Unagi Poke's warm, bubbly creations and OgiWorlds' bold, metallic designs — highlight the incredible variety available on our platform. These artists combine playful charm with cutting-edge sophistication, creating characters that connect deeply with audiences and collectors alike. Their stories, unfolded through each detailed pixel and animated sequence, invite us all to discover the limitless creativity that 3D digital art makes possible.

What best describes the inspiration behind your character?

Unagi Poki: "Every character I create is modeled after someone close to me. I like animal characters, so I wonder what would happen if I turned that person into an animal. As I draw the illustrations, the character's personality and story come to me."

Unagi Poke's Inspiration and Inception

OgiWorlds: "It’s in the name- Diklonos, from Ancient Greek -splitting/cleaving into two describes both esthetic and thematic quality."

What is one key feature of your character you'd like users to notice?

OgiWorlds: "There is a little platform, which when the work is scaled in the metasphere will take you into the core of Diklonos."

Platform to take you to the core of Diklonos

Unagi Poke: "They are chunky and cute and each has a story to tell, so I hope you will see each character's story as well. My characters are usually cosplayed, so please pay attention to the costume changes."


What is one tool or technique you found indispensable while creating your character?

Unagi Poke: "Designs and illustrations are drawn on an iPad, and 3D is created using Maya and photoshop. Latte and sweets are most indispensable when I am working."

OgiWorlds: "VR; my work comes, or starts in VR. This time, for the Kenitechne series I used Gravity Sketch as every vertex needs to count in digital minimalism. Of course we need a .glb converter and exporter, especially true for animated objects and b3d is essential for this."

Is there a personal favourite element or detail in your character’s design?

Unagi Poke: "I like that she is simple, cute and chubby. Pepen and Unagi are originally created to be a Vtuber and virtual cosplayer, so I designed the character to look good in any costume."

Unagi Dress #004 - Available on Secondary

OgiWorlds: "The eight eyes of the arachnid harken back to the VRM of Lykon Idein, the TechnoMerc from the Autechphore phase of the Metadromoi series."

The eight eyes of the arachnid harken back

Could you share a fun fact about the character’s development process?

Unagi Poke: "There’s more to come for Pepen and Unagi. I'm excited to share more about their lives, from their home to their secret base, which will further enrich their stories and deepen their connection with the audience."

OgiWorlds: "Initially when working on the buildathon [which is where the KeniTechne style] I made a bunch of ‘sketches’ in VR. Some were discarded from the buildathon due to sizes, or complexity. Diklonos was one which was too complex to make that first foray into the metaphsere, and it was awesome to get back to that head and execute that concept."

Ogi's Buildathon submissions: KeniTechne style

Are there any hints or teasers you can give about how this character might evolve in future?

OgiWorlds: "The KeniTechne series is a response to the digital minimalist environment of the metasphere WebGL. Given the overwhelming positive response there may very well be other incarnations of this in future. The technical methodology of ‘every vertex counts’ will feature to a degree in all my metasphere works, especially the oncoming digital embodiments. 😉"

Unagi Poke: "I would like to disclose more things about Pepen and Unagi. The house they live in, their secret base... More and more of Poke-chan's friends will appear in the future, and we are in the process of creating designs for new friends as well."

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