What is Edge of Innovation: MONA’s XR Hackathon?

Join us with Edge City and Protocol Labs, as MONA kicks off a $10,000 (USD) XR & gaming hackathon that is taking place from June 10th - 15th at the Edge Esmeralda pop-up village in Healdsburg, CA. This event is part of the Protocol Labs LabWeek, focusing on the intersection of cutting-edge technologies across fields such as Neurotech, Biotech, Human-AI Cooperation, and AR/VR/Metaverse.

Welcome to MONA’s Hackathon! Participants may submit to win prizes from one or both categories: 

Developer Prize

Creator Prize

    • To qualify, creators must build at least one 3D object

Suggested Ideas For Developers:

  • Build a gamified meditation and mindfulness app for Apple Vision Pro or Meta Quest.
  • Build a virtual experience or memory palace memorializing Edge Esmeralda.
  • Build an educational app, game, or VR experience that supports learning for all ages.
  • Design a game where users can build and manage their own virtual communities, incorporating 3D objects found in the MONA Marketplace

Suggested Ideas For Creators:

  • Environments
    • Build an environment or environments that represent Edge Esmeralda 
    • Sports arena
      • Baseball field
      • Football field
      • Basketball court
      • Arenas
    • Rooms
    • Dungeons
    • Sci-Fi
    • Urban
  • Avatars 
    • Creatures 
    • Robots
    • Animals
    • Humanoids
  • Props and Objects
    • Vehicles
    • Clothing
    • Fashion Accessories
    • Tools
    • Weapons
    • Furniture
    • Sports equipment
    • Artistic sculptures 
    • Flowers
    • Food
    • Electronics

Bounty Prize Pool:

There will be a bounty of $10,000 where allocation will be determined by total submission of projects (finalized assets, experiences, and/or apps).

Creator Track’s Judging Criteria

Developer Track’s Judging Criteria

For Submissions:

Please submit your submissions to the following link: https://bit.ly/4aZdMdA 

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