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Biomorphia Portal Hub
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Biomorphia Portal Hub
The Biormorphia Portal Hub is a meeting place for inspiration. Gather and explore this biological futuristic world by Carla Knopp (aka Olgelta), then visit up to 20 other worlds from three portal hub locations within Biormorphia. Activate the Vitruvian Man medallions to call a transport pod, or create your own Shadow Show on the beach. Add art, projects, or ideas to The Inspiration Pit, a geographic white board.
Collectible Type Space
Contract Address 0x2249b5a319af5dfae7fcc8004a99e59dba285c21
Token ID 41
Token Standard ERC721
Blockchain polygon
Royalties -
About the Artist
Carla Knopp is an immersive artist working in the US Midwest. She began building virtual reality environments in 2015, after a lengthy career as a studio painter. She builds allegoric vignettes for 2D & 360 video, AR, and metaverse worlds.
List Price
1800 MATIC
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