EDEN | 13 moon
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EDEN | 13 moon
Spacious modern building tells the story of the Gardens of Eden. On the ground floor, you are met by Eve, who flies up after Adam. The floor includes a gallery and a meeting area. On the second floor, among the smooth colonnades, where the rays of thirteen moons break through the cold stone are two exhibition areas separated by arches. On the third floor, the story of Adam and Eve ends, where their bodies are intertwined with passion, there is a chill-out zone for relaxation and meditation.
Collectible Type Space
Contract Address 0x2249b5a319af5dfae7fcc8004a99e59dba285c21
Token ID 47
Token Standard ERC721
Blockchain ethereum
Royalties -
About the Artist
An artist and an award-winning designer with professional experience in software, branding, web-development, interactive, metaverse architecture design industries.
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0.8 ETH
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