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We believe art is about the experience, and the experiences that will store the most value over time will be 3D, one-of-one, and dynamic which is why Mona Spaces are so unique.
Mona’s mission is to empower billions of people to create, collect, and share high quality metaverse experiences on the blockchain.
Mona is dedicated to supporting the next generation of art driven by top 3D world builders and web3 creatives. By combining innovative metaverse tooling with the latest blockchain technology, we are establishing a new paradigm for the creation and ownership of 3D NFTs.
Mona is for...
creators and developers who want to build gorgeous, high-performing, multiplayer experiences and 3D content.
collectors who want to invest in a new force of creative visionaries from the worlds of art, 3D design, architecture, and game design.
anyone who wants to connect, share, and host virtual experiences over the web, in VR and AR with thousands of others.
Core Features
Accessible and Open
Build for free and access directly from your web browser. Land purchases are a thing of the past.
Collaborative and Interactive
Mona is a fully multiplayer experience supporting thousands of users with features including hyperlinking, voice chat, text chat, fully customizable avatars, and token gated functionality.
Decentralized and Creator-First
Assets uploaded to Mona are decentralized and stored on IPFS.
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Meet the Team

Justin Melillo

Co-Founder and CEO

Matt Hoerl

Co-Founder and COO

Aleissia Laidacker

Metaverse Strategic Advisor

Rachel Pipan

Director of Communications

Andrew Owens

Senior Software Engineer

Justine Diprete

Product and Software Consultant

David Long

Senior Software Engineer

Johnny Liang

Senior Software Engineer

Justin Singh

Software Engineer

Tom Moore

Technical Artist

Matt Marshall

Builder Support Lead

Chris Clavio

Creative Director of Immersive Activations

Jane Herman

Special Projects Manager

Sierra Henry

Social Media Manager

Kenneth Chong

Growth Marketing Lead


Metaverse Video Producer

Katreena Tecson

Partnerships Lead


Events Producer


Metaverse Events Producer

Jonny Ostrem

Builder Relations Coordinator

Jason Wong

Creator Partnerships Lead

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