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Full custom avatar system integrations with multiplayer support for up to 100 concurrent users in a Space.

Artist Royalties

In addition to basic adjustable artist royalties on selling Spaces, we will expand this system in the future to give more power to the artists across Web3 metaverses.

Interactivity Builder

It is important for any experience to be interactive, which is why we are prioritizing a set of interactivity tools for builders to be able to create more immersive experiences within their Space.

Token-Gated Access & Events

Spaces will be able to be set to public or private. You can host ticked events or keep your space to yourself.

VR & AR Support

Our team has a deep backround in AR & VR, with previous work at Magic Leap and are names in a dozen patents. We understand the future is in the headset, and we are building towards that future.

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Unique 3D Environments

Mona Spaces are 3D environments that you can build and mint on the Etherium or Polygon blockchain. Spaces are designed to be composible, social, and interactive and can hold & display other collectibles.


Curated assets on display

An Artifact is any unique digital asset placed within your Space. These can link out to other marketplaces. Some examples of Artifacts are a photo, video, or a 3D object. In the future, you will be able to remove or replace Artifacts in your Space.


Link Spaces together

A Portal connects two or more Spaces together. Portals allow for easy navigation between Spaces inside of Mona. Basically, a Portal is a hyperlink to another Space or other Metaverse world like Decentraland or CryptoVoxels.

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Gather with Friends

Spaces are designed to be shared. This is why social functionality like multiplayer and voice chat are so important. These are being developed now and will be released in the weeks ahead.

Change Artifacts in your Space

Going forward, we will have an easy to use interface to add and re-position Artifacts within your Space. For now, you will need to have custom help from a Mona builder to re-arrange or add Artifacts to your Space.

Connect to other Spaces

Very soon, you’ll be able to connect a series of Spaces together to form communities with your friends. These will eventually be token-gated to allow for open or private access, with ways to monetize further down the road.

Who we are

Justin (formerly at Magic Leap) makes art, writes stories, and creates immersive AR and VR experiences. His AR lenses have been viewed over 100 million times across Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat. Justin has worked with a number of clients throughout his career including stage designs for touring musicians including Drake and CharliXCX

Justin Melillo | CEO

Matt is a visual artist. He has spent half a decade pioneering in Virtual and Augmented Reality (inventor on 12 patents). As a co-founder of the Arch Mission, he helps archive humanity’s most important knowledge and has led 4 successful space missions (and one moon landing). At Mona, he is passionate about materializing an open, platform-agnostic metaverse for artists.

Matt Hoerl | COO

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