About Mona

Mona's mission is to empower people around the world to create, collect, and share the highest quality immersive experiences on the blockchain, growing the Open Metaverse.

Mona is
  • The platform for fully custom interactive worlds
    that provides creators with open tooling and infrastructure to freely launch high quality experiences in the metaverse.
  • The highest quality multiplayer experience available in a web browser
    enabling anyone to host interactive experiences, games, and events over the web with fully customizable avatars, voice chat, text chat, and token gated access. These experiences are part of a connected social network of thousands of interoperable virtual worlds, unrestricted by creative limits.
  • The first dedicated marketplace
    for the creation, discovery, and purchase of interoperable 3D assets built for interactive experiences across the open metaverse.
  • The greatest metaverse builder community
    comprised of the world's top architects, game designers, 3D artists, developers, collectors, and explorers from around the world with a passion for remarkable immersive experiences. Join our Community.
Mona is the medium of the metaverse.
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Meet the Team
Justin Melillo
Co-Founder and CEO
Matt Hoerl
Co-Founder and COO
Aleissia Laidacker
Metaverse Strategic Advisor
Justine DiPrete
Product Advisor
Nathan Hausman
Technical Advisor
David Long
Senior Software Engineer
Justin Singh
Software Engineer
Tom Moore
Unity Developer
Matt Marshall
Builder Support Lead
Sierra Henry
Social Media Manager
Kenneth Chong
Growth Marketing Lead
Metaverse Video Producer
Events Producer
Metaverse Events Producer
Jonny Ostrem
Builder Relations Coordinator
Jason Wong
Creator Partnerships Lead
Mona is a fully distributed company dedicated to developing innovative tooling to help creators build unique interactive experiences.
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